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We have gathered feedback from some of our students who have taken our courses, offering you insight into what to expect from our premium content.

Moises Reyes
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I learned good  tricks and tips that I didn't know about and probably would have never  learned through this course. Taking this course has helped me improve my  portfolio and portfolio-making skills as well. I went into this course  already knowing InDesign yet I still learned new things. Very good course, I  would recommend it!

Chris Briggs
Creating Better Plans

Very in-depth  course that will improve all of your plans. Teaches the basics like patterns,  shadows, fills & Ai + Ps skills, all the way through to tiny details. All  of which help your plans emphisise the architecture in a clear, readable way.

Pei Kai Tan
Isometric Diagrams Masterclass

Thank you for the  great course! Complicated workflow, but easy to follow! It really helped me  to better understand the tools and software to create a diagram for myself.  Plus, the replies to the questions asked are quick and great, so I could  easily solve any problems encountered while doing the course!

Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

Loved the course.  Very well explained and had a lot of great tips & tricks. I've been using  photoshop for years and still learned a lot. Thanks!

Ana Tejeiro Ponce
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I really liked  this course, he teaches you many tricks to create a good portfolio, but what  I liked the most was the fact that he explains everything with examples of  real portfolios. Another plus point was that English is not my first  language, and yet I had no problem understanding everything and helping  myself with subtitles. I also had a small problem that I couldn't open a file  and he solved everything very quickly. Totally recommended!

Creating Better Plans

Excellent course.  It teaches a great way to work and organize our projects for a more  professional workflow and results. Willing to continue learning from this  platform!

Julio C. Quiroz
Isometric Diagrams Masterclass

If you are looking  for something that will make you improve your diagrams representation in a  huge way, this course is exactly what you are looking for, and more. Oliver  is an excellent architect and teacher. This course is perfect, in an  excellent way structured, he's leading you step by step so you will never  have doubts at each point. It'll blow your mind with all the lessons.

Fabiola Miranda
Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

This course was  exactly what I was looking for to begin learning Photoshop! I am currently an  architecture student and was not too good at Photoshop. Still, I feel a lot  more confident in my ability to create renderings using Photoshop for class  projects and my work-study!

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