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Creating Better Plans

A type of drawing that may be overlooked due to its simplicity, has in fact so many variables to be considered. In this course, you’ll learn how to take plans to the next level!

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What you'll learn in this course​

We'll explore step-by-step techniques to represent architectural plans.

Discover how to elevate your CAD or BIM drawings using Illustrator and Photoshop, combining vector shapes, effects, and textures to achieve stunning final results.

How to work with Illustrator and Photoshop linked to get the best of both programs.

Create contrast and hierarchy in your plans to guide viewers' attention.

Add patterns, textures, effects, different ypes of shadows and work with brushes.

The non-destructive workflow that will allow you to update and change things easily.

Exploring various techniques to add depth and dimension to plan drawings, making them more engaging and dynamic.

How to work with "major moves" to speed up your work.

Understanding the importance of proper line hierarchy and thickness for clear and easy-to-read plans.

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From start to finish​

This course is detailed!

Together, we'll take a plain plan drawing and transform it step-by-step, incorporating a wide range of effects, textures, and adjustments to create a final result full of identity.

Unleash Your Creativity​

Once the file structure is all set up, experimenting with different styles and results becomes effortless.
This course includes extra lessons teaching how to achieve them in the correct way.

preview of a normal plan with effects


preview of a plan with colored lines

Colored Lines

preview of a plan with the inverted style


Creative styles are more than simple color overlays or inverting the entire drawing.
There's a correct workflow to achieve them effectively, but don't worry, it's all thoroughly covered in the course.


Here are the programs that need to be installed on your PC and the knowledge required to make the most out of this course.

Make sure you have Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer. We recommend using the updated CC version, but any CC version or CS6 will work fine.

A 3D software with rendering capabilities to generate shadows. In the course, we utilize Sketchup and Vray, but the techniques can be applied to any similar program.

Basic knowledge in architectural plan drawings.

Willingness to learn and experiment with different effects, textures, and creative styles.

* Want to use a different 3D software or rendering engine? No problem! Our lessons are designed to be adaptable. Check out our FAQ for more information on using alternative tools.

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More than just lessons​

This course focuses on a workflow. We want to equip you with the skills to to work with any type of plan!

3+ hours of Premium Content​

Our lessons are designed to be easy to follow. All the shortcuts appear on the screen and modules are divided into 5 to 15 minutes, allowing flexible learning at your own pace.

All files

All the models, cutouts, and textures used throughout the course are available for you to download. This way, you can easily follow the lessons with the files on hand.


Once enrolled, enjoy unlimited access to the course. Take your time to complete it and revisit the content whenever you want. Upon completion, receive a certificate as proof of your accomplishment.


We strive to make our course accessible to everyone. English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles are available, ensuring inclusive learning for a diverse range of learners.

Course Curriculum

More than 3 hours of premium content. Discover what's inside this course.

Hear from other Upstairs students!

Creating Better Plans

We have gathered feedback from some of our students who have taken this course, offering you insight into what to expect from our premium content.

Creating Better Plans

Excellent Course! Straight to the point and full of shortcuts and tricks to make your workflow  even better. I learned a lot from it and will definitely be using it, not  just to create plans and sections but any kind of image using Illustrator and  Photoshop. Looking forward to the next course!

Chris Briggs
Creating Better Plans

Very in-depth course that will improve all of your plans. Teaches the basics like patterns, shadows, fills & Ai + Ps skills, all the way through to tiny details. All of which help your plans emphisise the architecture in a clear, readable way.

Sofia Navarro
Creating Better Plans

It's really a  step-by-step tour of the workflow that he uses. Easy to understand, clear, and structured. I ended up feeling I could do it myself with any other plan drawing. Excellent course!

Creating Better Plans

A great course where even experienced software users can learn something. The course is well structured and easy to follow, very worth it for the price!

Rheymond Tomomatsu
Creating Better Plans

It's a well-thought-out and organized course, and I dig the extra tips at the end.

Creating Better Plans

This course is exceptional and provides tools, tips, and techniques that are systematic and easy to build toward mastery in a logical manner. Foundations are established and excellent workflow habits are encouraged at each step of the process.

Creating Better Plans

I would really like to thank the tutor and his entire team for creating this course. I have always struggled with creating interesting looking architectural plans in the past, but never could understand where to begin from. With this course, I did indeed learn a lot of new techniques regarding smart moves through different software, a non-destructive workflow and most importantly 'Architectural Presentation Style'. Just a few & simple edits to a CAD plan can really improve your drawing. I think that subtlety is the key here. Thank you again. Cheers!

Creating Better Plans

Excellent course. It teaches a great way to work and organize our projects for a more professional workflow and results. Willing to continue learning from this platform!

Larissa Laurentiz
Creating Better Plans

I had no experience in anything and this course gave me a huge baggage and many possibilities. I bought all the courses at once and this was the first one I took and I'm already loving it!

Creating Better Plans

I loved the course, and the Upstairs channel as a whole. It gives me the inspiration to work more with architecture illustration, which I've been falling in love with ever since studying it more. The workflow is not hard, but it might be easier to understand if you already have a basic knowledge of architectural plans as a whole.



After so many requests, we created a summed-up version of the course as a quick guide. A PDF that you can refer to when you need to consult something learned on the lessons.

The ebook comes at no extra cost and it's included for all new and old students.

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The ebook was created in partnership with Regra Design.

Pricing options​

If desired, you have the option to split the course investment into two monthly payments.

1 Payment​


Creating Better Plans​
premium course​
22 lessons​
3+ hours of premium content​
Non-destructive workflow​
All files included​
Lifetime access
Enroll now!
total of $78 / price in USD​

2 Payments​


Creating Better Plans​
premium course​
22 lessons​
3+ hours of premium content​
Non-destructive workflow​
All files included​
Lifetime access
Enroll now!
total of $78 / price in USD​

Still deciding?​

Here are a few options:​


Are there any subtitles for this course?

Yes, the course offers English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles.

Can I complete the course at my own pace? Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely! The course is designed with video lessons as step-by-step tutorials, allowing you to follow along at your preferred pace. You have the flexibility to re-watch the lessons as many times as needed and fit them into your work/study schedule. Lifetime access ensures you can revisit the content whenever you want.

Do I need a powerful computer/laptop to take the Course and create Portfolios?

No worries! If you are already creating architectural drawings/images for university or client projects, you'll be able to easily follow the lessons.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can purchase the course with two monthly payments under the Pricing Options. But be advised that failing to pay both installments automatically unenrolls you from the course. Feel free to read our terms-of-use.

What if I don't have the latest versions of the required software?

Not a problem. The majority of the course's content can be completed with versions from the last 5 years or so. If you have an older version, you may need to make slight adaptations, but it is not a limiting factor in the learning experience.

When you say "premium content" or "premium course", what does it mean?

I understand that there are numerous online courses available, some even emphasizing extensive hours of content they offer. However, I value your time and have taken a different approach

So, by "premium course," I mean step-by-step lessons with a focused and concise delivery, prioritizing what truly matters to you so you don't invest more time than needed in learning a new skill.

Instead of creating the course in a "freestyle" manner, I meticulously scripted and fine-tuned every lesson, ensuring that only the most relevant information is included. This approach allows me to deliver a concise course that avoids redundancy and unnecessary information. Additionally, I have invested extra effort into editing to enhance the visual appeal and facilitate the learning process.