Explore this library to find exclusive, custom-made, and high-quality assets.

An efficient way to enhance your architectural drawings! All packs were carefully thought out to fit an architect's needs. A true steal, packing in an immense amount of valuable content for a minimal cost

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You can get the exact files we use in our YouTube tutorials, allowing you to practice alongside the videos. You also have access the original Photoshop and Illustrator files, so you can see in detail how the process was structured. Plus, by getting these files, you're supporting Upstairs so we can keep creating free YouTube videos for all!


Find answers to the most common questions about our Packs. Learn more about how to use them, their compatibility, and how to get assistance if needed.

Can I customize the assets in the Packs?

Yes, many of the Packs include editable files, such as Adobe Illustrator files, allowing you to customize the assets to your specific projects and style preferences.

How can I extract the Pack files?

The download files for the Packs are typically in .RAR format. Make sure to have the latest WinRAR or WinZIP version installed to extract the contents inside the Pack.

What makes the Packs unique?

The Packs are carefully crafted to the specific needs of architects and architecture students. They offer exclusive, customizable, and high-quality assets, allowing you to build your unique library and help you creat drawings and images faster.

Do the Packs need instructions to use it?

No need! The goal of the Packs is to help you build your own library of assets. These assets are a vital component of every architectural image or drawing workflow. All assets are ready to be used immediately upon download; no additional setup is required.

Are there repeated textures or objects between different Packs?

No, each Pack is carefully curated to offer a unique collection of assets. You won't find repeated textures or objects across different paid Packs.

What Packs does Upstairs offer?

Upstairs offers a variety of Packs designed to enhance architectural drawings and visualizations. These Packs include Scale Figures, PBR Textures, Texture Packs, 2D Objects, Cutouts, and Isometric Elements.

In what software can I use the Packs?

The Packs are incredibly versatile and compatible with a wide range of design and architectural software. Given that they come in standard image files (like PNG and JPG), PDFs, or even customizable vector shapes in Illustrator, they are compatible with pretty much any architectural program. Whether you're using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Rhino, Lumion, D5, Revit, Archicad or any other design software, you can seamlessly integrate these assets into your workflow.

How can I get support with the Packs?

While the Packs are made to work easily in many programs without any special steps, we know you might still have questions. If you need help or have questions about the Packs, just email us at