About Us​

Upstairs is an international platform to learn and practice architectural representation and visualization.

Our mission​

We are dedicated to teach and explore the world of architectural representation. We believe that the way architects express themselves is strongly connected to the design process of the profession.Our goal is to help students, aspiring architects, and curious minds visualize their architectural designs more effectively.The name 'Upstairs' symbolizes an imaginary place where we gather to exchange knowledge and learn together. Regardless of your location, we are here to help you rise, evolve, and take your skills to the next level.Welcome to this community!

Oliver Uszkurat is the Architect and founder of the Upstairs platform. He’s behind the creation of videos, courses, and packs that are available on the platform to help you improve your visualization and representation skills.
He has worked as a junior architect in a couple of firms and has also won a national architecture competition in Brazil. Oliver decided to follow his passion, focusing the majority of his time on the Upstairs community, exploring this creative world, teaching, and sharing his knowledge.

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