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Isometric Diagrams Masterclass​

One of the best ways to present an architectural project is by using diagrams. In this course, we create 5 different diagrams together, all the way from basic and small to large complex with sections!

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What you'll learn in this course​

This course primarily focuses on Adobe Illustrator for architectural drawings, while also incorporating Photoshop to get the best of both worlds in the diagram creation process.

Additionally, we take a look at how to use Sketchup and Vray to export base files to help us along the way.

Master the use of Adobe Illustrator for creating architectural drawings

Learn a workflow to transform raw 3D models into outstanding finished diagrams

Understand the importance of contrast and hierarchy in effective diagram composition

Discover techniques for transforming objects into isometric views in your diagrams

Gain the skills to work with diagrams of different sizes and levels of complexity.

Learn a more efficient approach to "explode" diagrams

Learn how to work simultaneously between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

+ a lot more!​

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Become an expert at diagrams!

This course is detailed. Starting from the fundamentals, we guide you through each essential step to create a unique diagram. With 5 different diagram types covered, you'll gain the confidence to apply these techniques to your own projects.

preview of diagram number 1 (basic diagram)

Basic Diagram

preview of diagram number 2 (sequence diagram)

Sequence Diagram

preview of diagram number 3 (context diagram)

Context Diagram

preview of diagram number 4 (exploded diagram)

Exploded Diagram

preview of diagram number 5 (section diagram)

Section Diagram

Creating detailed diagrams requires multiple steps, and it might appear challenging at first. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Our approach breaks down the process into manageable steps. This means that's quite easy to make adjustments or updates.

Check one of the before and after:​


Here are the programs that need to be installed on your PC and the knowledge required to make the most out of this course.

No prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is needed! We'll cover the basics and help you understand how this program works.

Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop at a basic to intermediate level is recommended.

Basic understanding of architectural graphical terms is beneficial.

You'll need a software for working with 3D models (Recommended: Sketchup).

A rendering engine is required for your 3D software (Recommended: Vray for Sketchup).

Make sure you have Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer. We recommend using the updated CC version, but any CC version or CS6 will work fine.

* Want to use a different 3D software or rendering engine? No problem! Our lessons are designed to be adaptable. Check out our FAQ for more information on using alternative tools.

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More than just lessons​

Beyond lessons, a comprehensive workflow: This course goes beyond step-by-step instructions for a single result. We're dedicated to teaching you how to work with various types of diagrams, equipping you with the tools to create any axonometric diagram you desire.

6+ hours of Premium Content​

Our lessons are designed to be easy to follow. All the shortcuts appear on the screen and modules are divided into 5 to 15 minutes, allowing flexible learning at your own pace.

All files

All the models, cutouts, and textures used throughout the course are available for you to download. This way, you can easily follow the lessons with the files on hand.


Once enrolled, enjoy unlimited access to the course. Take your time to complete it and revisit the content whenever you want. Upon completion, receive a certificate as proof of your accomplishment.


We strive to make our course accessible to everyone. English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles are available, ensuring inclusive learning for a diverse range of learners.

Course Curriculum

More than 6 hours of premium content. Discover what's inside this course.

Cutouts also included!​

Over 20 cutouts: people, trees, and cars.​

By enrolling in the course, you will not only gain access to all the 3D models and behind-the-scenes files, but also receive an exclusive cutout pack.

This pack is available in various file formats, including Illustrator, PDF, and PNG, ensuring compatibility with your preferred tools and workflows.

preview of the cutouts included in the course

Pricing options​

If desired, you have the option to split the course investment into two monthly payments.

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Isometric Diagrams Masterclass​
premium course​
36 lessons​
6+ hours of premium content​
5 types of diagrams​
All files included​
Lifetime access
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total of $108 / price in USD​

2 Payments​


Isometric Diagrams Masterclass​
premium course​
36 lessons​
6+ hours of premium content​
5 types of diagrams​
All files included​
Lifetime access
Enroll now!
total of $108 / price in USD​

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Are there any subtitles for this course?

Yes, the course offers English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles.

Can I complete the course at my own pace? Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely! The course is designed with video lessons as step-by-step tutorials, allowing you to follow along at your preferred pace. You have the flexibility to re-watch the lessons as many times as needed and fit them into your work/study schedule. Lifetime access ensures you can revisit the content whenever you want.

Do I need a powerful computer/laptop to take the Course and create Portfolios?

No worries! If you are already creating architectural drawings/images for university or client projects, you'll be able to easily follow the lessons.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can purchase the course with two monthly payments under the Pricing Options. But be advised that failing to pay both installments automatically unenrolls you from the course. Feel free to read our terms-of-use.

What if I don't have the latest versions of the required software?

Not a problem. The majority of the course's content can be completed with versions from the last 5 years or so. If you have an older version, you may need to make slight adaptations, but it is not a limiting factor in the learning experience.

When you say "premium content" or "premium course", what does it mean?

I understand that there are numerous online courses available, some even emphasizing extensive hours of content they offer. However, I value your time and have taken a different approach

So, by "premium course," I mean step-by-step lessons with a focused and concise delivery, prioritizing what truly matters to you so you don't invest more time than needed in learning a new skill.

Instead of creating the course in a "freestyle" manner, I meticulously scripted and fine-tuned every lesson, ensuring that only the most relevant information is included. This approach allows me to deliver a concise course that avoids redundancy and unnecessary information. Additionally, I have invested extra effort into editing to enhance the visual appeal and facilitate the learning process.