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Visualization of Oliver's architecture final thesisAxonometric diagram with a section from the course Isometric Diagrams MasterclassRealistic diagram with a handClose-up of a modern architecture building. Paulo Mendes da RochaDetailed section with texturesClose-up of the plan from the course Creating Better PlansClose-up visualization of a residential building. Weefor Segundo Aberto by Olmo in partnership with UpstairsArchitectural section in the style of Renzo PianoClose-up from an aerial diagram. Made with volumesCombination of different small thumbnails
Course card image from InDesign for Architects: All About Portfolios!Course card image from Creating Better PlansCourse card image from Isometric Diagrams MasterclassCourse card image from Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

Discover the world of architectural representation through our premium courses.

Whether you're a student looking to learn essential skills, a recent graduate navigating the professional world, or an aspiring architect needing a hand on your presentations, our courses focus on mastering the art of visual communication within the digital landscape.

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Expand your assets library and take your architectural drawings to the next level!

Get ready to enhance your drawings and images with our unique and exclusive Packs! Carefully crafted by the Upstairs team to meet architects' needs. Our Packs are a steal for what they provide. If you're an architect who values efficiency and exceptional design, they're a must-add to your resource library.

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At Upstairs, we believe that knowledge should also be free. Our youtube videos cover a wide range of topics in short and simple formats. It's the ideal place to enhance your representation and visualization skills.

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