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InDesign for Architects: All about portfolios!

Architects are always designing new projects and creating things, so a portfolio to show your skills and experience is vital.
Learn in this course the essential techniques to create an outstanding portfolio.

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An InDesign course made for Architects!​

Yes, we are aware that there are countless Adobe InDesign courses available, quite literally, a ton of them. However, none of them are specifically curated to architecture portfolios, and even more importantly, are designed with the needs of architects in mind.

We value your time!​

We understand that architecture schools expect you to know how to build a great portfolio, but they often don't teach the necessary software skills or the visual and composition techniques to effectively achieve that

As architects, we have to juggle multiple programs and skills, and our time is valuable. That's why it's crucial to prioritize what we invest our time in.

So in InDesign, if you learn a handful of specific tools, some tabs and windows, a couple of important settings, and the core elements of creating an outstanding portfolio, you’re all set!

InDesign for Architects

Specific tools, some tabs and windows, a couple of important settings, ...

Portfolio's Core Elements​

Contrast, hierarchy, pace, whitespace, type of pages, purpose, and a lot more...

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The right techniques!​

Creating a great portfolio is about reducing the visual noise and letting drawings and images shine.​

Spreads should have enough space so that the viewer understands each piece of information at a time. It's less about the overall page design and more about the content in them!

Good example of a portfolio page with corrections in a schematic format
Good example of a portfolio page in a schematic format

Course Curriculum

More than 5 hours of premium content. Discover what's inside this course.

Why a linear portfolio?

Wireframe version of multiple portfolio pages combined

Control the Narrative: A portfolio with pages allows you to shape the story and reveal information at your own pace, ensuring a compelling narrative.

Influence Attention: By utilizing contrast and hierarchy, you can guide the viewer's focus to specific areas of the page and emphasize the most relevant drawings in each composition.

Streamlined Evaluation: Present a curated portfolio that allows for efficient assessment, making it easier for employers or universities to review your work.

Seamless Sharing: Easily send the document across multiple platforms, whether attaching it to an email or uploading it to online platforms like ISSUU

No focus: On a personal website, you can't control how people navigate,  potentially causing them to miss important information.

Complex Evaluation: With hundreds of applicants, relying on employers or universities to navigate your website can add complexity to the evaluation process.

Hosting Limitations: Personal websites often have generic templates and costs associated with custom URLs or require web design skills for uniqueness.

A personal website adds value to your application by extending your online presence, but it should be viewed as an additional step in showcasing your work. Prioritizing a well-crafted, outstanding portfolio ensures a direct and impactful presentation of your skills and accomplishments.

And why Adobe InDesign?

For those of you starting architecture school, you may be wondering why Adobe InDesign is the ideal choice over Illustrator or Photoshop.

While AI and PS excel in drawings, renderings, and single compositions, Adobe InDesign shines in organizing and cataloging your projects.

With InDesign, you can effortlessly create multi-page documents, including facing pages, which is vital to properly design spreads.

Screenshot of InDesign showing why it's better then PS or AI for portfolio
Portfolio Templates in a mockup grid

InDesign Templates

Included in this course is an InDesign template file with many examples for all 5 portfolio spread types.

The goal of this course is to empower you with technical and composition knowledge to create or update an existing portfolio.

While each portfolio should be distinct and unique, having a template can provide a helpful starting point. You can draw inspiration from the file, experiment with new ideas, explore different compositions, and adapt elements to achieve a result that truly represents your work.

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More than just lessons​

This course is not just about learning InDesign. We want you to feel comfortable using the software, but that's not all. A substantial part of our lessons focuses on the essential elements of creating an outstanding portfolio. We go beyond technical aspects to help you understand what makes a portfolio great.

5+ hours of Premium Content​

Our lessons are designed to be easy to follow. All the shortcuts appear on the screen and modules are divided into 7 to 20 minutes, allowing flexible learning at your own pace.

All levels  are welcome!​

From beginners to intermediate or advanced users, our course covers everything you need to know about InDesign tools, settings, and software moves. Gain valuable insights and discussions on the core elements of a portfolio.


Once enrolled, enjoy unlimited access to the course. Take your time to complete it and revisit the content whenever you want. Upon completion, receive a certificate as proof of your accomplishment.

Subtitles EN, ES, PT​

We strive to make our course accessible to everyone. English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles are available, ensuring inclusive learning for a diverse range of learners.


Take a look at the requirements and extra info to make the best out of this course.

As the course name suggests, Adobe InDesign is necessary for creating portfolios. Ideally, the most recent Creative Cloud version is recommended, but any CC version should work well.

A portfolio is the result of your projects; therefore, the lessons are not focused on creating a portfolio together, from start to finish. Instead, the goal is to equip you with essential knowledge so you can compose the best version of your portfolio based on your unique projects.

While adding personality to your portfolio is crucial, the included InDesign templates in the course files provide a valuable head start, helping you in the initial stages of your portfolio creation process.

Hear from other Upstairs students!

InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

We have gathered feedback from some of our students who have taken this course, offering you insight into what to expect from our premium content.

InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

This course is a  very good starting point for anyone who is not familiar with InDesign. As  someone who has used that software a limited amount of times, I feel that  this course definitely sets up a great foundation before starting any  layouts. I finished watching this course with a good sense of confidence and  a clear direction to start exploring ideas of how I want to make my own  portfolio. Thank you, Oliver!

Moises Reyes
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I learned good  tricks and tips that I didn't know about and probably would have never  learned through this course. Taking this course has helped me improve my  portfolio and portfolio-making skills as well. I went into this course  already knowing InDesign yet I still learned new things. Very good course, I  would recommend it!

InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

This course covers  so many questions that I had after struggling with Indesign. There were so  many options to see different successful solutions and I did appreciate the  personal reactions to the portfolios shown. Overall one of the best courses I  have taken to date. Thanks!

Eriberto Luna
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

Explains  everything there is to learn about InDesign from an architectural standpoint  and even goes further into giving us tips and tricks on how to improve our  portfolios... GREAT COURSE OVERALL!

Maira Sofia Medrano Moya
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I was very excited  when I first saw on Youtube that this course was made, and after taking it I  feel more confident to start my first portfolio. Thank you very much for all  the lessons, comments, and recommendations.

Calin Maier
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I specifically  enjoyed how for this tutorial, Oliver stuck to the ins and outs of InDesign  and how to use it properly. I think this strategy works well mainly because  each person has a different story to tell through their portfolio. Therefore,  the tutorial only helps you know how to navigate InDesign and it doesn't  really hinder your perception of how to do your portfolio. Also, I think the  examples help inspire the audience, especially as we can see Oliver annotate  and discuss the mistakes and great points of each portfolio. The extra  material is great and I feel that the extra lessons with him are super  useful.

Ana Tejeiro Ponce
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I really liked  this course, he teaches you many tricks to create a good portfolio, but what  I liked the most was the fact that he explains everything with examples of  real portfolios. Another plus point was that English is not my first  language, and yet I had no problem understanding everything and helping  myself with subtitles. I also had a small problem that I couldn't open a file  and he solved everything very quickly. Totally recommended!

InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

It was a very  enjoyable and helpful course! Everything was well explained and to the point  so everyone could follow along. I really appreciate the effort put into it.  Even the graphics were amazing and creating a more exiting learning  environment. It motivate me to create an awesome portfolio and actually be  confident about it! Thank you, Oliver and upstairs team!

InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

Even though I have  worked with Indesign for quite some time before, I learned some new practical  tips and tricks from this course. Knowing how to work with character styles  was especially helpful for me. I also really enjoyed module 6 and the  conceptual insights an portfolio reviews that Oliver provided there. The way  that Oliver is explaining everything is super easy to understand and fun to  watch. Thank you very much for this course,   Oliver. I would definetly recommend taking this course as a  preparation for a portfolio!

Ricardo Baez
InDesign for Architects: All about Portfolios!

I have followed  many InDesign courses but this one is the most complete on the market. The  information provided and the method of communication is clear and direct. The  examples shown are of great help in understanding how to approach the design  of an architectural portfolio. The presence of subtitles in different  languages is very useful to fully understand each concept. This course should  be compulsory in every architecture school to have a clear idea of how to  effectively show each project.

Pricing options​

If desired, you have the option to split the course investment into two monthly payments.

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InDesign for Architects: All about portfolios!
premium course​
27 lessons
5+ hours of premium content
Technical and Visual knowledge
Portfolio templates in InDesign
Lifetime access
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2 Payments​


InDesign for Architects: All about portfolios!
premium course​
27 lessons
5+ hours of premium content
Technical and Visual knowledge
Portfolio templates in InDesign
Lifetime access
Enroll now!
total of $98 / price in USD​

Still deciding?​

Here are a few options:​


Are there any subtitles for this course?

Yes, the course offers English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles.

Can I complete the course at my own pace? Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely! The course is designed with video lessons as step-by-step tutorials, allowing you to follow along at your preferred pace. You have the flexibility to re-watch the lessons as many times as needed and fit them into your work/study schedule. Lifetime access ensures you can revisit the content whenever you want.

Do I need a powerful computer/laptop to take the Course and create Portfolios?

No worries! If you are already creating architectural drawings/images for university or client projects, you'll be able to easily follow the lessons.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can purchase the course with two monthly payments under the Pricing Options. But be advised that failing to pay both installments automatically unenrolls you from the course. Feel free to read our terms-of-use.

What if I don't have the latest versions of the required software?

Not a problem. The majority of the course's content can be completed with versions from the last 5 years or so. If you have an older version, you may need to make slight adaptations, but it is not a limiting factor in the learning experience.

When you say "premium content" or "premium course", what does it mean?

I understand that there are numerous online courses available, some even emphasizing extensive hours of content they offer. However, I value your time and have taken a different approach

So, by "premium course," I mean step-by-step lessons with a focused and concise delivery, prioritizing what truly matters to you so you don't invest more time than needed in learning a new skill.

Instead of creating the course in a "freestyle" manner, I meticulously scripted and fine-tuned every lesson, ensuring that only the most relevant information is included. This approach allows me to deliver a concise course that avoids redundancy and unnecessary information. Additionally, I have invested extra effort into editing to enhance the visual appeal and facilitate the learning process.